Service Price £
Vessel collection from breakwater-Kingston        £40
Vessel collection from other areas           POA
Haul out onto owners trailer up to 6m          £35
Haul out on CDSC cradle up to 6m          £50
Pressure Wash                £4 per metre
Launch from owners trailer up to 6m     £30
Launch from CDSC cradle up to 6m    £40
Block off       £8 per metre
Unblock onto cradle/trailer  £8 per metre
Storage ashore outside       £0.50 per metre per day
Storage ashore inside (when available)       £1 per metre per day
Electrical connection                       £2 per day
Berthing (when available)             £1.90 per metre per night
Yard labour              £27.5 per hour
Engineering and Electrical labour   £42 per hour
Vessels above 6m POA

All prices ex VAT